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Re: lesser known pop hits

Hi Everyone,

I used to make it a point to play songs that charted in the top 40 back in
the 70s but never seemed to make anyone's playlists nowadays when I was a
host on WYHI 1570 near Jacksonville, FL. When was the last time you heard
Sister Janet Mead on the radio?? I used to dedicate that one to our
third-adjacent neighbors Catholic Radio WQOP 1600 in Atlantic Beach, FL
Queen of Peace Radio...

Ron Gitschier
One time Radio Host and Wise Guy... Full time sailor coming to Charlestown
June 3-6, on the USS Doyle, FFG-39...
Finally Coming Home
Jacksonville, FL
Bob Nelson wrote:

> Hi--on today's Let's Talk About Radio, Bob and
> Donna mentioned that there are many songs from the
> pop charts (especially in the 60s and 70s) that don't
> get played on the radio, while other songs are played
> to death.

> Another song that comes to mind would be the Stompers' "Never Tell An
> Angel (When Your Heart's On Fire)" from the mid 80s. A popular local
> band, and a big hit on local radio-- but I think it peaked at #85
> nationally.
> You don't really hear that one either, not even
> locally.

BTW, I have a snippet of tape of KIKI Stereo 83 in Honolulu doing thier
weekly countdown, mentioning that song as an add to the survey back in the
mid 80s.