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Re: 1170 -CBC?

At 10:40 AM -0400 5/15/99, PWerlin@aol.com wrote:
>Can anyone tell me anything about 1170? I heard CBC Radio One last night on
>1170, at 11 PM ET,  about to broadcast Radio France Int'l for an hour.  In my
>time as a more active AM DX'er I don't remember what I used to get on that
>frequency, if anything.  Instead of a cheap transistor,  I was using my
>Grundig YB-400 Sw receiver, which does pretty well on the strongest distant
>stations.  I'm sorry if this is slightly off topic, but you all seem pretty
>familiar with what we are able to pull in on our radios in NEW ENGLAND/BOSTON.

Are you sure it wasn't 1070?  Thers is nothing in Canada on 1170 east of
Alberta, according to my listings.

1070 is CBC Radio One from Moncton, New Brunswick.  Since the maritimes are
in the Atlantic time zone, their programs are one hour ahead of those in
the Eastern zone.  Thus, CBC Overnight (relays of shortwave programs from
other countries) begins at midnight eastern on 1070.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH