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Re: The Future of Radio?

On Fri, 14 May 1999 23:17:00 -0400 SteveOrdinetz <steveord@xtdl.com>

>Certainly the trend towards less and less music in AM drive has gone as
>as it can go.  The time could be ripe for the pendulum to swing the 
>other way.  Until the mid-to-late 80s most morning shows were quite

Yes, Scott Shannon and the Morning Zoo on Z100 was quite a different
sound that changed everything.  The pendulum does seem to swinging back,
and in my opinion, not a bad thing.  I've been listening some to WZMX in
Hartfrod since their switch to "Dancin Oldies"  and it's wall to wall
music... no jock--- and it sounds, well -- refreshing.

Rick Kelly

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