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Re: The Future of Radio?

At 08:18 AM 5/14/99 -0400, J.J. wrote:
> Also noticed that with Jo Jo in
>Chicago, me in Detroit and Bandiero in New York, listeners seem to be
>"warm" to an "afternoon drive type" approach to their mornings.....ya
>know....no games, gimmicks etc. just tell me the time, weather, the score
>of the game and play the hits.  What do you think?

Certainly the trend towards less and less music in AM drive has gone as far
as it can go.  The time could be ripe for the pendulum to swing the other
way.  Until the mid-to-late 80s most morning shows were quite music heavy.
This industry being composed primarily of sheep, if it catches on big in
one market music-oriented morning shows will be everywhere in 6 months.  I
for one would not be too disappointed if it happened.