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Re: a successful morning show without bits?

At 05:11 PM 5/14/99 -0400, Tim Davisson wrote:

>I did the above on morning drive in Tampa in 1976 at the old CHR Q105
>(WRBQ) and we
>went from 8th to 4th 12+ in one book!  (I'd worked 6-10pm at Q105 for
>the previous 3 years, wanted on middays, and agreed to work 6-9am M-Satr.
>for  9 months temporarily til the morning guy they wanted to hire
>sat out a non-compete. I was moved to noon-3pm after the 9 months.
>The point is....I didn't do bits...I wasn't expecially funny, just tight,
>sounded like a person,
>kept it moving, with a few full-service elements like you mentioned
>it worked! I think that shocked them! Sure did me!

I always thought Q-105 sounded best when they were tight and
music-intensive.  They had one of the first "morning zoo" shows in the
country, and while it was interesting and innovative at first, I found it
wore thin (at least on me) really fast.