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WDIS license revoked, calls deleted

Today's FCC actions show the license of WDIS (1170 
Norfolk) having been cancelled by letter dated 4/30/99. 
WDIS simulcasts WBNW from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM M-F, and 
if the station has been off the air, the folks at WBNW 
are apparently unaware, because they have been including 
WDIS in the IDs all week. Often, the FCC issues these 
notices in error, and I think it likely that the 
licensee will get this cleared up. However, WDIS is a 
station that probably has never made a cent and is 
unlikely ever to do so. As Bob Bittner has often 
remarked, the station's greatest asset is its call sign, 
for which ABC would undoubtedly pay a tidy sum. Perhaps 
that IS what happened, but perhaps it's just another in 
the never-ending string of clerical errors at the FCC.

If WDIS is dead, I suppose there may be a chance for 
WFPB (AM) Falmouth (now owned by U Mass) to go ND. There 
is an 1180 in RI, that might suffer interference, 
though, and WFPB would have to lower its post-sunset 
power somewhat. The current pattern, which protects 
WDIS, also protects WWVA.

Could WNFT benefit? Maybe. WNFT might be able to improve 
its daytime signal to the southwest a bit. However, WNFT 
has to protect WMRD, the co-channel station in 
Middletown CT, so it does not appear that the 
improvement could be significant.