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'Magic' bus keeps on...

I am so impressed with the #s WMJX seems to keep putting up, book after
book.  What gives, that _no_ other station group is attempting to get a
piece o' that?  Not since after 99.5 'Wished' for an 'Oasis' has 106.7
shared it's mix, pardon the pun, I think. (Still fuzzy over who owns
whom), whichBoston signal, if so inclined, could consider going for that
action?  It seems few attempt that sound because you need to be mature
enough to let it ride, keep it simple, leave it alone.  Not a radio RX
that you can find often, these days.

Speaking of maturity, Howie Carr had a 'segment' this afternoon on
"...if you've seen anyone naked or exposed in public" and perhaps
flashing or urinating along the road, etc.  Compelling.  Relevant to our
times.  Riveting.  Flailing.

Bill O'Neill