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Re: WABU sold to PAX

The short blurb in Wednesday's Union Leader identified the buyer as DP
Media of Boston Inc.  I'm told that is Lowell Paxson's son (Donald?).  So
the BU stations, Channels 60 & 46 would kind of all be "in the family." 
If current TV ownership rules allow them to keep all five (I'm admittedly
not up on this), it might make a very attractive sales package.  It's
rather like the suburban Boston network the Knight Stations were once
packaged as in order to capture national business.  By adding the
audiences of WHEB A/F, WGIR A/F, WSRS, WEIM, and WSAR national
advertisers could reach as many people as a buy in the Boston market at a
fraction of the cost.

Ed Brouder
Man From Mars Productions

"Kevin Vahey" <kvahey@channel1.com> writes:
>I guess the question now is, with PAX buying 68, 58, and 21...what 
>will happen to 46 and 60...they will have no reason to keep all of them.

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