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Re: WABU sold to PAX

On 5/5/99 6:08 PM, brouder@juno.com (brouder@juno.com) wrote:

> I'm told that is Lowell Paxson's son (Donald?).  So the BU stations,
> Channels 60 & 46 would kind of all be "in the family."  If current TV
> ownership rules allow them to keep all five (I'm admittedly not up on
> this), it might make a very attractive sales package.

Except for areas north of Concord NH, I can't imagine any areas now 
served by channels 46, 54 and 60 that aren't served by channels 21, 58 
and 68.

If they were all Pax stations, could cable operators drop one of them?  I 
imagine most cable systems would now have two Pax stations in their 
lineup.  Unlike two ABC/CBS/NBC/UPN/WB stations, which many systems 
carry, the Pax stations are virtually identical to each other.

The sale of channel 68 is a big loss to Boston television.  There's now 
no locally-owned TV station in town.  Thank goodness we still have 
channel 50!



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