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Re: 25-54's bill more than most 12-24/12-34's

In a message dated 5/7/99 10:19:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Bump Martin 

<< I would think that ALL stations have to "adjust" by ONE year EVERY
 year....if they want to keep their current demographic target current,
 right? >>

call me just a stoooopid jock, but i've been espousing the above theory to my 
programmers since 1985.   You want the 25-54?  then you gotta remember that 
year, a new set of listeners become eligible, and another move on to the next 
just because diamond, streisand et al were germaine five years ago, doesn't 
them from your mix.  but to be able to gently shift the emphasis is the key.
the first oldies station i was at proclaimed the most recent stuff we'd play 
would have to
be at least 15 years old.  five years later, with slipping numbers, and NO 
adjustments to
The List, they couldn't figure it out. ("...Good Times and Great Oldies!" 
never a "year limit"
mentioned)  i've never understood why a station that is going for
a specific target refuses to recognize the fact that when you need a new desk 
you need to adjust.   (baby dj's:  remember when you weren't old enough for 
your own 
stations' demo?  those were a pd's dream days...  "...what do you know, 
you're not even
old enough to listen to us?")
Magic has indeed learned to gently shift and adjust.  nothing drastic.  just 
the subtle 
things that allow them to keep on rolling... yet maintain their focus.  
oldies stations who are maintaing an image for an era can maintain their 
status quo...
playings 50's & 60's, or 60's & 70's, or the 80's & today...  that's fine.  
hopefully the music
gods at these stations will understand the the old Abe Lincoln proverbs about 
the people 
and the amount of fooling you may or may not be able to get away with...

ending a sentence with a preposition, i remain,

chuck igo