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Re: 25-54's bill more than most 12-24/12-34's

At 10:18 PM 5/7/99 -0400, Bump Martin wrote:
>And WODS seems to be making obvious adjustments...i.e.. Billy Joel's Uptown
>Girl, etc...as their demo is starting to creep over the 55+ mark...and
>eluding the 25-54 standings.
>But what adjustments do you see WMJX making? They seem to be doing what they
>always have done.  (Secondly, what would call for them to suddenly make
>adjustments after being #1 25-54 for so many years?)
>I would think that ALL stations have to "adjust" by ONE year EVERY
>year....if they want to keep their current demographic target current,

I'm not so sure about that, but you make a good point...WMJX has stayed on
top by evolving with their listeners' tastes...a soft AC listener 15 yr ago
would go more for Streisand, Diamond, Rogers, etc...these artists have long
since been seen as old fudds.  Magic is way too wimpy for me, but obviously
they have kept in touch with their listeners.