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Re: 25-54's bill more than most 12-24/12-34's

From: Mike Thomas <nostatic@earthlink.net>

>As you mentioned, advertisers may be
>looking at 35-64 to stay with the boomers, but if that's the case, why are
>stations like WRKO, WEEI, WODS and even WMJX making adjustments to skew
>than they have been?

I know that WRKO made a dramatic (and obvious) effort in recent years to
alter the typical talk-demos of 65-death.

And WODS seems to be making obvious adjustments...i.e.. Billy Joel's Uptown
Girl, etc...as their demo is starting to creep over the 55+ mark...and
eluding the 25-54 standings.

But what adjustments do you see WMJX making? They seem to be doing what they
always have done.  (Secondly, what would call for them to suddenly make
adjustments after being #1 25-54 for so many years?)

I would think that ALL stations have to "adjust" by ONE year EVERY
year....if they want to keep their current demographic target current,