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Re: (can't think of one)

>Sven - If you read the message, you will see that Dan clarified the
>title of that song as Portugese, not Spanish.  I, in turn,
>acknowledged that the Portugese reader(s) likely appreciated Dan's
>clarification.  Portugese people tend to like it when there is a
>distinction of understanding between Spanish and Portugese language
>and cultures.  Does that help?

Except that "Eres Tu" ("You Are", second person familiar present tense)
*is* Spanish.  The whole song, not just the title.  I distinctly remember
my Spanish I class in ninth grade (oh, so many years ago) covering that
song, and I'd like to think my Spanish teacher (who hailed from Mexico)
knew the difference between Spanish and Portugese.

- -Shawn Mamros ("you are like the water in my fountain" - literal
translation of the first line of the chorus, seriously...)
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