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25-54's bill more than most 12-24/12-34's

> 12 to 34 not a big ad payoff anymore?  Since when?  Have you taken a look
> 10 in 12+.

Come on Mike....all of us in the business know nobody uses 12+ ratings as
any serious indication of an individual radio station's strength and

And, right or wrong, 25-54 is the single most popular advertising demo in
the US.
If anything else, 35-54/35-64 is the up and coming demo.  

The facts are that if a station can achieve top 3 or top 4 in adults 25-54,
make a lot more money than 2 or 3 stations that are co-owned and target

Sure, 12-24/12-34-targeted stations can be successful.....but in MOST
cases, the
25-54's bill much higher dollars.

The fact that people 12-24/12-34 seem to like about 4 or 5 different genres
of music
(and they all hate eachother's music).....so, listener fragmentation is a
problem too.

Aw...for the days when the local CHR/Top 40 played a wide variety of music
and pulled heavy numbers. I miss those days....but...unfortuntely times