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Re: Older is younger than we realize!

> When I was still a jock, the CHR/top 40 demo of 12-24 or 12-34
> was a real money-maker. Now, with the music tastes of that
> age group split into about 4 different (maybe 5) formats....12-34
> is more of a hassle to program to and not a big ad revenue
> pay-off (audience is too fragmented, too small a % of the overall
> population to be a popular ad target for MOST products).

12 to 34 not a big ad payoff anymore?  Since when?  Have you taken a look at
the ratings recently?  WJMN is doing phenomenal, WXKS, WBMX and WBCN have been
consistant performers 12+.  The XKS/JMN combo billed for over 35 million
dollars last year.  As far as being too small of a demographic to target, just
the four stations I've mentioned represent 21.5 percent of the total radio
audience in this market. Thats one out of every five listeners.  Also keep in
mind that 12-34 does spend lots of money on products from companies that
traditionally use radio.  Seems to me there is a LOT of money to be made here.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7