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Re: Older is younger than we realize!

At 07:01 AM 5/5/99 -0400, Tim Davisson wrote:
>When I was still a jock, the CHR/top 40 demo of 12-24 or 12-34
>was a real money-maker. Now, with the music tastes of that
>age group split into about 4 different (maybe 5) formats....12-34
>is more of a hassle to program to and not a big ad revenue
>pay-off (audience is too fragmented, too small a % of the overall
>population to be a popular ad target for MOST products).

With today's technology and ownership concentrations, it's not as big a
problem as it seems.  One ownership group could easily put on a mainstream
CHR, rhythmic CHR, alternative rock and mainstream rock and cover the demo.
 With hard-drive systems and voicetracking it wouldn't be necessary to have
4 airstaffs.

Look at Greater Media's group of stations in Boston...they all have
different formats but all target (more or less) the same demographic group.