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Re: Older is younger than we realize!

In a message dated 5/5/99 6:05:52 AM Central Daylight Time, timdav@bright.net 

<< Reasons given: baby boomers are not nearly as brand-loyal as
 people age 40-64 were years ago. Add this to the huge bulge in
 the population boomers are...and this is just beginning to shake
 up the advertising world. Again, their words...not mine. >>

I believe that radio advertising in the future will increase in the 40-64 age 
range. This next generation of "oldies but goodies" are more educated, more 
affluent, and in better physical condition than the last.

They have money to spend and will have leisure time to spend it. Also keep in 
mind that we are in the computer and ecommerce age. There is no reason why a 
person cannot run a business over the web until the end of time.