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Re: Older vs. Younger Demos: HUH???????

True, but most companies thru advertising agencies would much prefer younger 
people who will spend foolishly and lavishly despite their lower income. 
"Credit" companies associatedf with, or incorporated into products sold is 
where the REAL money is made.

Remember the following equation:

Younger people with smaller income, but with immense credit limit  EQUALS OR 
EXCEDES older people' assets.

Older people generally do not buy on impulse.

- ---jibguy

In a message dated 5/4/99 7:25:51 AM EST, timdav@bright.net writes:

 HUH????  Unless the world turned upside down overnight, the facts are
 adults age 45-54, 55-64 have the highest average family income of any
 demo, and that adults 65+ have more than 50% of financial assets in
 the US.