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(can't think of one)

Sven - If you read the message, you will see that Dan clarified the
title of that song as Portugese, not Spanish.  I, in turn,
acknowledged that the Portugese reader(s) likely appreciated Dan's
clarification.  Portugese people tend to like it when there is a
distinction of understanding between Spanish and Portugese language
and cultures.  Does that help?

Further, I, for one, get (to borrow a Jerry Williams line) _annoyed_
when people ask/flame what a list member meant to the entire list!  If
you simply hit "reply to sender" versus "reply to all" and asked ME
what I meant, I would have told you.  In fact, I'd even have given you
my freakin' phone number so we could "share".

If you are not really steamed and just having fun, please disregard
this message and have a nice day.

Bill O'Neill  (sheesh)