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Re: Donde esta Mega 1400?

My barber (same age as me), who lives in Medford and has 
his shop in Belmont (on Concord Ave right outside of 
Belmont Center) keeps WXKS (AM) on incessently. Now that 
WXKS carries financial news and talk in AM drive, he 
_still_ puts WXKS (AM) on as soon as he opens the shop 
in the morning. A few years back, he would occasionally 
switch to WMJX and, on Saturdays from 10:00 to 2:00, he 
used to listen to Dick Sayatt's dating show on WRKO--but 
customer complaints did Sayatt in in his shop before low 
ratings (or whatever) killed the show itself.

Anyhow, Frank must be one of WXKS (AM)'s most devoted 
listeners. I was the one who burst his bubble when I 
told him that the programs really originated in Texas 
(he didn't seem to care). And he has asked me several 
times how come the station identifies as Everett-Boston 
when the studios and towers are in his home town of 
Medford. I explained about the nighttime directional 
pattern, the need to protect WENE and WNJR, the high-
level of co-channel interference on 1430 in the Boston 
area at night, and the FCC requirements for providing an 
interference-free signal to 80% of the COL at night. I'm 
not quite sure that he got it, though :-)

> Does any listener from Lexington CARE if WXKS-AM comes from Medford?