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Re: Older vs. Younger Demos

<ASchinella@aol.com> wrote:

> "murder she wrote" and "matlock" (both on cbs i believe)

That is partially correct.  "Murder" enjoyed a lengthy and successful run on
following its Sunday night franchise "60 Minutes."   The Tiffany Network
killed the
Angela Lansbury vehicle by moving it to another night during its final
I recall "Matlock" airing on NBC and ABC.

> older demos, at least in tv, area still embraced by the big three networks

That is becoming less true by the day.  Just a couple of weeks ago NBC
its 35-year-old soap opera "Another World" in favor of the much-lower-rated
Beach" simply because the latter had better demos.  Even older-skewing CBS
adding more "youth appeal" shows to its lineup.

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