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Re: Older vs. Younger Demos

this isn't a really good example, since both "murder she wrote" and "matlock" 
(both on cbs i believe) had very long production runs for television and were 
not replaced by "dawson's creek" or "party of five" which appear on smaller 
networks. older demos, at least in tv, area still embraced by the big three 
networks while the other smaller three, seem to be going hardcore youth and 
urban viewership. other shows like "touch by an angel", "walker", et. al. are 
created which appeal to older audiences, and in some cases younger too. 

it isn't that your point isn't a good one. young people tend to have more 
disposable income, hence, they are the ones advertisers like to go after. in 
talk radio, wrko's overall 12+ ratings have plummeted (their ad revs as well) 
ever since they adapted the 'hot talk' format and dumped local, issue-based 
shows and hosts. however, their 18-34 numbers, again, that demo that does a 
lot of spending, have gone up. i don't understand how they think they are 
better off but maybe that is why i am hear and not there. :-)

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<< If demographics aren't important, why have TV shows like Matlock and
 Murder She Wrote been cancelled and been replaced by series such as
 "Dawson's Creek" and "Party Of Five?"  >>