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Older vs. Younger Demos

"A. Joseph Ross" wrote:

> I've been hearing around here for some time that stations are looking
> for that younger demographic.  So what's WBZ doing?  Why aren't they
> flipping formats a dozen times a year to look for younger
> demographics?  Can it mean that demographics aren't as important as
> we thought?

No.  It means that WBZ is selling it's heritage and it's 12+ numbers.
Having the Bruins and a clear channel stick doesn't hurt either.

If demographics aren't important, why have TV shows like Matlock and
Murder She Wrote been cancelled and been replaced by series such as
"Dawson's Creek" and "Party Of Five?"  The teen and 20 something demos
are growing as fast if not faster than 55+.  Advertisers are seeing the
long term benefits of this audience and it will be a force to be reckoned
with in the next several years.  Look how well WJMN has been doing, and
stations like Kiss 108 and WBMX have been consistant performers.  WBCN
blew off their older demos and targeted 18-34 not too long ago, and even
WMJX has been trying to "young up" it's sound a bit over the last couple
of years.  The rest of the pack has been cannibalizing each other
fighting for the baby boomers, which are moving out of 25 to 54 and into
55+.  Only time will tell if these stations, along with WBZ, will stick
with the Boomers into 55+ land, or if they too will join the "youth

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7