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Re: Segue? We don't need no stinkin' segue...

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> At 6:33 p.m. listening to WLLH from my kitchen radio, the jockinabox
> teased more (AS) music in 30 seconds, went to the spot.  Ten seconds in,
> (click) out comes WNFT (1150 Boston) audio (which was also in a spot
> break).  After the next song, the jocks (in Spanish, of course) welcomed
> Lawrence y Lowell to "Mega 11-50." 

   I was in my car driving home from the store,so I missed getting it on
tape.For the record,the last 3 songs WLLH played before the "Mega Spot Cut
Off" were:" Wonderful Wonderful" by Johnny Mathis,"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
by the Tokens and "The Whiffenpoof Song" by Bing Crosby and Fred
Waring.Kerry Bodell(sp?) was the last WLLH jock before Mega cut her
voicetracked shift short,and cheated some poor client out of their spot.I
wonder if Mega will have to make good on that? <g>
 A Hispanic caller from Lawrence
> called and was put on air as their first caller from that city (lots of
> yelling, whistles, etc.)

  Not surprising that Lawrence was first on the horn after the Mega WLLH
welcome.I agree with your earlier post Bill about Costa-Eagle.Mega will
definitely give them a run for the money in Lawrence.Although the ads I
heard in the few minutes of Mega WLLH were for places in Lynn,Chelsea and
Lynn again,I'm sure Lawrence advertisers may jump on if Mega makes an
aggressive sales effort in the Lawrence area.I'm sure Costa - Eagle has a
good number of accounts in the Merrimack Valley,and I would suspect their
rates are comparable for the Lawrence area.If Mega tries to charge Boston
rates for Lawrence advertisers,they may not pick up a lot of Lawrence area
accounts.That may work to Costa's advantage.Should be interesting!
  If the Saturday overnight ID was any
> indication, Mega is a bit weak on the legalities of WLLH's truly unique
> legal.  They English ID'd "WLLH Lowell Lawrence" which is wrong.  It is
> actually (and Scott can back me up on this) "WLLH Lowell and Lawrence"
> or "WLLH Lawrence and Lowell" (given the synchronous 1 kW stations
> licensed to each city at 1400 kHz. (In the 60s, the station's legal
> alternated which city got top billing.)  I notice "Lawrence" has been
> mentioned first in banter about the new Mega audience.  The numbers for
> the Hispanic demo in Lawrence is compelling with some stats upwards of
> 70% (with Lowell around 5-15% per a source).

   Well,maybe we can give them a history and legal lesson on how to
properly ID WLLH.Not surprising that Lawrence gets top billing with
Mega.Lowell not a big Hispanic population center,in fact,Cambodian/Asian
has significant numbers in Lowell.I saw an article in the Globe or
Herald(can't remember exactly which paper) that stated that the Cambodian
population in Lowell is the second largest in the US.(Long Beach CA is
tops).25% of Lowell's population(103,000 give or take) is Cambodian.

Mark Watson