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Segue? We don't need no stinkin' segue...

At 6:33 p.m. listening to WLLH from my kitchen radio, the jockinabox
teased more (AS) music in 30 seconds, went to the spot.  Ten seconds in,
(click) out comes WNFT (1150 Boston) audio (which was also in a spot
break).  After the next song, the jocks (in Spanish, of course) welcomed
Lawrence y Lowell to "Mega 11-50."  A Hispanic caller from Lawrence
called and was put on air as their first caller from that city (lots of
yelling, whistles, etc.)  If the Saturday overnight ID was any
indication, Mega is a bit weak on the legalities of WLLH's truly unique
legal.  They English ID'd "WLLH Lowell Lawrence" which is wrong.  It is
actually (and Scott can back me up on this) "WLLH Lowell and Lawrence"
or "WLLH Lawrence and Lowell" (given the synchronous 1 kW stations
licensed to each city at 1400 kHz. (In the 60s, the station's legal
alternated which city got top billing.)  I notice "Lawrence" has been
mentioned first in banter about the new Mega audience.  The numbers for
the Hispanic demo in Lawrence is compelling with some stats upwards of
70% (with Lowell around 5-15% per a source).

Time to get sharp on Spanish.  Let's see, "s-o-c-k-s."  It's a start.

Bill O'Neill