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WWLP/Boston Trip

I want to thank everyone who helped me with the info. I will be gearing up
for a trip to Worcester. Just so everyone knows, I work at WWLP TV in
Springfield, Mass, our station is in the same building it was in when it was
built in 1953, on NorthWest St. in Feeding Hills (Agawam), MA. We are
located on the top of Provin Mtn on the Southwick-Agawam-Westfield tower,
underneath our 500' tower. We have two radio stations also using space on
our tower, WPKX 97.9 "Kix 97.9"(2kw) and WAQY "Rock 102" (17kw). If anyone
wants to see inside the station, Ill be more than glad to give a tour on a
weekend. Ill show our new transmitter, the "communications room" which
contains both WAQY's Harris transmitters and WPKX's Broadcast Electronics
transmitter. So again if anyone wants to get a inside cooks tour on the
weekend (because i work during the week). Email me @ mfitzpatrick@wwlp.com.
Ill be more than glad to accomedate.