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Re: Donde esta Mega 1400?

Dan writes:
...And he has asked me several
>times how come the station identifies as Everett-Boston
>when the studios and towers are in his home town of
>Medford. I explained about the nighttime directional
>pattern, the need to protect WENE and WNJR, the high-
>level of co-channel interference on 1430 in the Boston
>area at night, and the FCC requirements for providing an
>interference-free signal to 80% of the COL at night. I'm
>not quite sure that he got it, though :-)

Dan, So how'd THAT haircut turn out??  <LOL>  Sounds like a comedy bit -
a barber asks a benign question and gets a dissertation.  (Wonder how he
dealt with the details of the conductivity study...) <g>

Bill O'Neill