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Re: WLLH Now In Spanish

I also find it VERY VERY hard to believe that there are no 55+ Hispanic
people living in Boston.

Maybe the 55+ section of the Hispanic audience prefers listening to
records and tapes instead of the endless chatter and clatter on the radio.

Dan.Strassberg@att.net said:
> Given those numbers for WBZ, I find it hard to believe 
> that WXKS (AM), with its mixture of adult standards and 
> financial news and talk, has a higher percentage of over-
> 55 listeners than WBZ has. Do you have the figures for 
> WXKS (AM)?

> > 0% of [WNFT's] audience is over 55.

> > Compare that to WBZ's demos:
> > 
> > 9% of their audience is under 35.
> > 62% of their audience is over 55.

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