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Unless I was getting something else in Watertown today (on 1400) at 3:30,
WLLH was playing standards then.

I am reminded of something I was told many years ago by Arnie Ginsburg. It
seems that WLLH-FM had developed some listeners in the Boston area by
simulcasting their AM Top 40 on FM. Arnie tried to talk Mac Richmond into
buying a FM signal for what would have been cheap money, but Richmond
thought FM was a loser because nobody listened to a FM he had in the
Washington area. The 12 hour simulcasting rule came about and WRK0-FM and
then WKOX-FM jumped in, yet it was the FM in Lowell that showed what the
future held.

One has to wonder that had Richmond listened to Arnie and invested the money
in FM, instead of making the AM signal 50kw in the day how Boston radio may
have changed.

Maybe Donna (or somebody else ) knows, but what would a FM signal in Boston
have gone for circa 1965?