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Re: WLLH Now In Spanish

Donna Halper writes:
>Regarding either WLLH or Mega 1150, I'll be interested to see if
>pulls any numbers.  The Latino community is increasing, but Boston is
>certainly not an LA or a Miami in its numbers of Hispanic listeners.
>Still, a sizeable ethnic audience has been listening to Jam'n on FM.
>on my occasional listens to it (I'm glad I took Spanish in high
>1150  seems to be trying to do with AM what is allegedly impossible--
>attracting a younger audience over to AM by playing music.   Does
>think they will succeed?

I suspect Mega is eager to gobble up a bigger Boston market
"potential" to run by the national advertisers more than anything
else.  Esp. with the reconfigured Boston market beyond the previous
boundaries.  I also suspect that 1400 will be a repeater for 1150 for
much longer than anticipated, with the potential for a local morning
show, if that.  A Lawrence or Lowell sales office would more than pay
for itself (and the electricity and maintenance for the kilowatt xmtrs
in Lowell and Lawrence).

It seems even less likely now that Costa Eagle can further penetrate
Lawrence with SP (critical mass with Hispanic ad dollars?) if they
were to bring 800 into his SP stable with 1110 Salen NH and 1490

Bill O'Neill