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Re: WLLH Now In Spanish

Donna Halper wrote:

> Regarding either WLLH or Mega 1150, I'll be interested to see if either
> pulls any numbers.  The Latino community is increasing, but Boston is
> certainly not an LA or a Miami in its numbers of Hispanic listeners.
> Still, a sizeable ethnic audience has been listening to Jam'n on FM.  Based
> on my occasional listens to it (I'm glad I took Spanish in high school!),
> 1150  seems to be trying to do with AM what is allegedly impossible--
> attracting a younger audience over to AM by playing music.   Does anybody
> think they will succeed? 

So far they have a 1.1 12+, which isn't success, but the 
demographics for WNFT are interesting:

49% of their audience is under 35.
0% of their audience is over 55.

Compare that to WBZ's demos:

9% of their audience is under 35.
62% of their audience is over 55.

None of this will actually pay many bills at WNFT, but it does show 
some interesting possibilities for an AM station.