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Donde esta Mega 1400?

WLLH flipped to 1150//1400 Fri overnight then reverted back to local
AS Sat. AM.  Announced a SP flip for Monday morning (today).  Still,
no flip.  As annoying as that may be (Lowell buzz among older demo
Lowell listeners are unable to miss them if they don't leave.)
However, the delay is probably a good thing for WCCM who will be
getting Ellis and Messina from WLLH (whenever it finally flips).

The concern I'd have is the likely "let-down" when there are fewer
noticeable "changes" to WCCM after Ellis and Messina arrive.  The much
awaited AS to WCCM may have a tight squeeze.  It seems to have a very
segmented morning newsblock coupled with segmented talk and occasional
AC floated around throughout the day, plus the Spinners arriving
evenings, the "hope for (AS)" articulated by MANY older demo WLLH
listeners are likely to be left feeling underserved.  Not a good thing
when Lowell signal levels are less than stellar.

If Costa Eagle were wise, they'd blow out all of their current daytime
programming (not necessary lose their talent) on WCCM and drop-in the
AS mix that Frank Messina crafted for WLLH and concentrate on hourly
news, including maxing out music in AM drive.

Oh, if they can find a way for a Lowell area listener to NOT tune out
when a Lawrence or Andover news story comes on, they should patent it.
Lowell, as a city, is falling all over itself trying to boost "pride"
and "success" and "growth" and "apple pie."  The last thing is wants
to do is share _anything_ with Lawrence.  If you reside more than 10
miles away from the area, it's very tough to believe that I am not
trying to be smirky.  Only time will tell.

Bill O'Neill