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RE: WLLH Now In Spanish

Amen to this.  If I had won the big lottery jackpot last month, I would have
bought WUNR and made it classic soul 24/7.  As it stands, after doing a
college radio show called "The Old School Zone" on Northeastern's 10 watt
WRBB (Saturdays midnight to 4:00 AM) for eight years, my partner and I are
joining the Monday night soul line-up on WUNR starting tonight.  We are
following "Super 16 Soul," a program that is now only twice a week (1 hour
each time), but that has run since 1973.  They have 10-11 and our show will
follow.  No more engineer playing "Abba's Greatest Hits" or "Big Chill"
soundtrack to fill that hour!
We are two guys that love radio and classic soul, and we finally get to try
our hands at a "real" station.  The control board looks like it goes back to
the beginning of the station, so it will be interesting to see how many
times we hit the wrong switch or something.  Gotta practice those call
letters too.  Ouch, this is going to be painful.
- -Dave
p.s.  I think WLLH will succeed up in the Merrimack Valley.  Among 1330,
1150, 890 and 1600 doing Spanish - no one station will grab a significant
share to show up with much in the ratings.  The difference is 1330 and 1600
don't care about ratings.

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> Does anybody
> > think they will succeed?
> Last summer when 1150 was running Urban Oldies, I was amazed
> at how many
> blacks in their 30's and 40's had found the station.....there
> is an untapped
> market.
> I ll bet if 92.9 gave that a try, their numbers would be no
> worse, and just
> maybe a whole lot better.