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Re: WLLH Now In Spanish

>Donna Halper wrote:
>1150  seems to be trying to do with AM what is allegedly impossible--
>attracting a younger audience over to AM by playing music.   Does anybody
>think they will succeed?

        Yes--as long as there's no competition on FM in the same format.
The audience looking for Spanish language radio, and other ethnic/foreign
language radio, knows all about the AM band. That's where nearly all this
type of programming is, as opposed to FM, except in a few of the biggest
markets and areas with very large ethnic populations or other unusual local
situations (i.e., New Bedford with the FM signal).

        Kevin Vahey's post about when 1150 was running urban deals with the
same point. People will find the programming they're looking for *even* if
it's on AM, but if they have a choice between AM and FM for the same basic
format, they'll take the (1.) signal that goes more than about ten miles
days and five miles nights with any sort of reasonable fidelity and without
obnoxious interference; (2.) the signal that "sounds better" on their
radios at any distance because of (2a.) stereo and (2b.) the way the
receivers are built.