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RE: Dale Dorman and the Jammin' Oldies Craze

I have a memory of visiting WGTO in 1976.  They were a great top 40 station
at the time located at Cypress Gardens.  My parents had dragged us to see
Cypress Gardens, and I remember it being the most boring day of the whole
two week trip.  The only thing to save it was a visit to the studios there.
They were more than happy to have visitors (nobody else stopped other than
to glance).  I remember the gentleman telling me the signal reached the
Georgia border.  Wish my dad had never let me put the bumper sticker on the
LTD wagon.
The best station I heard those two weeks was WSGA in Savannah, GA.  They
kicked for a station on 1400 in a major city.
I would echo Mark's words about the 90's version of GTO.  They were great
local oldies against Cool.
Too bad that hasn't lasted.
- -Dave

>   I remember first hearing WGTO(COL was Pinellas Park,IIRC,at
> least it was
> back in the early 90's).They were a live local oldies
> station.A friend and
> I were on vacation in Orlando and found them while scanning the dial.I
> thought they sounded much better than WOCL,which was doing the cookie
> cutter 500 Kool Oldies over and over.One Saturday night,while
> visiting the
> Old Town area in Kissimmee,we happened across a WGTO remote,a
> live Saturday
> Night oldies request show live from Old Town.The jock was
> standing there
> with just a wireless mike and papers in his hand.No mobile
> studio,station
> van,or any signs stating that WGTO is here.Just audio of the station
> playing from speakers around the complex.We returned to
> Orlando the next
> year and found that WGTO had gone satellite oldies.I think that WOCL
> probably slaughtered WGTO in the ratings,and I also think
> maybe a lack of
> promotion on  WGTO's part didn't help their cause either.How
> would anyone
> know what you're up to if you don't spread the word???
> Mark Watson