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Re: Howard Stern In Denver

Yes, SoundTrack, regional hi-fi chaian pulled
its account the day after Stern made his comment.

The other stations in Denver did their best
to escalate the situtation in the name of
corporate competition. Jacor-owned news/talker KHOW-AM
was replaying Stern's comments several times a days.
Trying to submarine Stern's ratings/revenue
by making him out a scapegoat  and using the tragedy that
took place is  even more disturbing than the comments
he made.

- --- Roger Kirk <rkirk@VideoServer.com> wrote:
> According to a news story on WBZ, Tuesday night,
> a group of businesspersons in Denver have
> cancelled all their advertising on the radio station
> that carries Howard Stern - because of some
> extremely offensive remarks he made about the 
> Littleton High School incident.
> Anybody else hear more?
> Roger Kirk
> rogerkirk@usa.net

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