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Re: Howard Stern In Denver

To be fair (pun intended), FAIR did a take on Rush Limbaugh, pointing out
the inaccuracies in his many on-air assertions that was largely spot-on.
They may have done it because they oppose his political perspective (in
fact, I REALLY doubt they would have done it if Rush wasn't conservative),
but most of the hundreds of errors and misstatements they pointed out
really were errors and misstatements, no matter what your politics.

Having said that, I find it sadly hilarious that the same organization
regularly makes such blatant errors in its press releases as the two
whoppers in this one!

At 11:38 PM 4/28/99 -0400, Eric Jacobs wrote:
>For a group called Fairness and Accuracy, they have precious little. As
>Mr. Broda pointed out one hole in their release, on the coverage of
>Sterns comments, allow me to point out that IIRC, the Greaseman was
>terminated for his comments, therefore CBS/Infinity no longer syndicates
>him. Just another First-Amendment hating bunch of liberal do-gooders who
>think we should all live the way -they- wish us to. No offense meant to
>the many list dwellers who lean to the left. 

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