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Re: Howard Stern In Denver


I agree 1000% with FAIR's position on Stern. In fact, my politics aren't
that far off from theirs. But I do think FAIR, at least as viewed through
their press releases, leans somewhat liberal (as do I), and I *know* that
their press releases often have obvious errors. (I can't speak to their

Agreeing with most of their positions doesn't mean I'm gonna say they don't
make some real boo-boos. :)



At 12:35 AM 4/29/99 -0400, Donna Halper wrote:

>Umm, couldn't we all just get along?  FAIR puts out one of the best media
>magazines (imho), a magazine called Extra, which tends to do some excellent
>investigative pieces, is normally very moderate, but specialises in stories
>the mainstream media missed.  Last time I checked, there was a lot of
>huffing and puffing on radio and on TV about who was to blame for the
>tragedy in Colorado-- Brudnoy had a pundit on the air who blamed daycare.
>TV blamed video games.  FAIR now says let's blame Howard Stern-- but hey,
>as the list's official feminist, I do find Howard's comments to be beyond
>bad taste-- rape is not something to joke about.  Trust me on this.  
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