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Re: Dale Dorman and the Jammin' Oldies Craze

   Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Speaking of Orlando, what is WGTO up to these days?  Probably the best
> daytime signal in the entire state on AM.

  WGTO is now an all sports format,I believe they are One on One Sports,
all bird all the time.They also changed the calls,I don't recall what they
are at the moment.I thought someone posted something about this station
sometime back.

  I remember first hearing WGTO(COL was Pinellas Park,IIRC,at least it was
back in the early 90's).They were a live local oldies station.A friend and
I were on vacation in Orlando and found them while scanning the dial.I
thought they sounded much better than WOCL,which was doing the cookie
cutter 500 Kool Oldies over and over.One Saturday night,while visiting the
Old Town area in Kissimmee,we happened across a WGTO remote,a live Saturday
Night oldies request show live from Old Town.The jock was standing there
with just a wireless mike and papers in his hand.No mobile studio,station
van,or any signs stating that WGTO is here.Just audio of the station
playing from speakers around the complex.We returned to Orlando the next
year and found that WGTO had gone satellite oldies.I think that WOCL
probably slaughtered WGTO in the ratings,and I also think maybe a lack of
promotion on  WGTO's part didn't help their cause either.How would anyone
know what you're up to if you don't spread the word???

Mark Watson