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Re: Let"s Talk About Radio

I thought something was weird when I heard the regular
WJIB music instead of LTAR (and the religious shows
that precede it)...
By the way, I tape LTAR regularly for people in
Ohio, New York State, Illinois, and Toronto.

And speaking of WJIB: as I was taping a C90 of WJIB
for an aircheck collector in Chicago, it occured to
me that the old WJIB (at 96.9) used to ring ship's
bells at the top of the hour. Has the AM 740 incarnation of the station
ever thought of doing that?

(Ship's bells ring every half hour; noon is 8 bells,
12:30 pm is 1 bell, 1 pm is two bells and so forth
until 8 bells at 4 pm. Then it starts over again
at 4:30 pm with 1 bell, etc. At least that's how it
is, if I remember right.)

- --- Jibguy@aol.com wrote:
> The seldom-used 
> board-op 
> "forgot" his shift, so all Sunday programs up to 12
> Noon were not aired, 
> including LTAR.    
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