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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/23: WABY Goes All-News

Dan Strassberg wrote:

> And what happened to WXKS (AM)? I would think that that would be the rated
> station that was most affected by PLM's format change.

WXKS-AM increased from a 1.6 to a 1.8.  It's very difficult to make 
a straight-line analysis when a station changes formats.  For 
example, what happened to the country listeners when the original 
WKLB merged with WBCS?  Those stations had something like 5 
or 6 shares between them, and now WKLB stands alone with a 3.  

> (Well, OK, WMJX might also be affected.)

I think potential WPLM listeners are more likely to be listening to 
WCRB, WGBH, and talk radio than Magic.

> What stations were immediately above (and for
> that matter, below) WPLM? And is there any FM that got a share of 1.0 or
> more that has as poor a signal in Boston as 'PLM's?

WXLO is now up to a 1.2 (12+) with the new Metro.  (IIRC they had 
strong opposition to the new Metro, but they seem to have 
benefitted well.)  WZID has also been hovering around that spot.  



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