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WDRC-FM: Jammin' no more?

Noticed a change in the WDRC-FM liner that precedes certain r&b oldies.
It's now "Here's another hot oldie on Big D 103," rather than "Here's
another jammin' oldie," as it was for about a month. I heard the new
liner for the first time before Sly & the Family Stone's "Everyday
People," which used to get the "jammin'" tag.
Anybody have any idea whether DRC plans any substantial tweaking? So
far, all the "hot" or "jammin'" songs have been the same r&b oldies the
station has played all along. Apparently, the only requirement is that
the artist be black -- danceability is apparently not a consideration; I
heard the "jammin'" liner before "Midnight Train to Georgia." 

Brand new slogans, same old music. That oughta give the ratings a bump!