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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/23: WABY Goes All-News

And what happened to WXKS (AM)? I would think that that would be the rated
station that was most affected by PLM's format change. (Well, OK, WMJX might
also be affected.) What stations were immediately above (and for that
matter, below) WPLM? And is there any FM that got a share of 1.0 or more
that has as poor a signal in Boston as 'PLM's?

And now the _big_ questions: So 'PLM is garnering higher ratings. Is it
helping them at all to pick up advertisers? Have they made any upward
adjustments in the rate card, or are they even selling more time at or
nearer to an existing rate card than they were before the flip? Are they
starting to pick up national spot business? Do they even have an ad rep for
national accounts? One would think that without a rep, WPLM could have a 5
share in Boston and even larger shares in Providence and Cape Cod and still
not pick up many (or even any) national accounts. 

At 03:04 PM 4/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
>How 'bout WPLM going from 0.9 in the Fall to 1.7 in the Winter book?
>Pretty impressive climb for such a non-brand name format(Easy Listening)
>with very little promotion/marketing during one book...

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