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Re: Greg Reibman; a Vermont question

Responding to an item about Greg Reibman doing his last WMBR show this
weekend, Sean Smyth asked:
"This would be Greg Reibman of Boston Herald fame?"

The following was posted to this list by yours truly on June 24, 1998:
"Here's another reason to like the Boston Herald:  Greg Reibman is the
new deputy managing editor in charge of arts and entertainment.  While
Greg has relied on writing and editing (The Tab, Boston Rock) to earn a
living, he's always kept a hand in radio since his punk/new wave days at

WERS (he graduated in 1978).  For many years he was one of the "Late
Risers' Club" hosts on WTBS/WMBR.  He's still heard at 88.1 Saturdays
from 10am to noon on "Rockin' with Greg" (described thus in the online
program guide: "Country, punk rock, zydeco and blues. Elvis didn't
listen to one kind of music, why should you?").

"A friend tells me Greg's married to Cindy Bailen (WCOZ, WBOS, WHTT?,
with Lotus) and they recently adopted a Russian baby.  Said friend has
seen said baby (a boy, if I remember correctly) and declares it to be

Clea Simon's Globe item about Greg's retirement from radio attributed
the move to a desire to spend more time with his son.