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On 8/18/98 9:02 PM, Sven Weil (sven@lily.org) wrote:

> Does anyone know when WTIC moved  from channel 3  to channel 61 and why?

WTIC-TV (channel 3) was sold from Travelers Insurance to Post-Newsweek in 
1973 or 1974, at which time the call letters were changed to WFSB.  Don't 
forget that in those longago days, you couldn't sell an AM-FM-TV combo to 
one company and you couldn't keep the call letters.

It was not until Channel 61 came on the air in the 1980s that the new 
station, owned by David Chase who also owned WTIC (AM) and WTIC-FM, was 
called WTIC-TV.

If I got any of the details wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.