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     WTIC-TV (Channel 3) in Hartford was originally owned by the Traveler's
Insurance Company (thus T-I-C) from the day they signed-it on the air in
the mid 1950's, until around 1974.  At that time, the TV station (which
did share call-letters with co-owned WTIC and WTIC-FM) was sold to Post/
Newsweek Stations.  Due to FCC rules, WTIC-TV had to shed its' call-sign
to WFSB-TV.  Originally, WFSB was assigned to a non-commercial station at
Framingham State College in Massachusetts (now WDJM-FM/91.3).  Allegedly,
the Post/Newsweek folks made a deal with Framingham to donate something of
value for the operation of the college station in place of the WFSB call-
sign.  What happened then ?  Who knows.
     The WTIC-TV (Channel 61) station has now relationship with the former
Channel 3 station.  (Let's try again.....) The current WTIC-TV on 61 has
no relationship with the former WTIC-TV on Channel 3.  Traveler's dumped
the AM and FM stations in the late 1970's.  Chase Broadcasting eventually
owned WTIC-AM and FM and eventually bought Channel 61.  WTIC-AM, FM and TV
were once again commonly owned for a few years.  Today, only common point
of WTIC-TV and the radio stations are the call-signs and nothing else.

- -Pete

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