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Re: Wee Eye

Yeah, WCBS has always sold well. It's that cume that I never understood.

Of course, I can't understand Stern or Springer getting such high ratings,
either. :) (That's sarcasm...)


> > (BTW, I never understood why WINS has done better than WCBS... I
> always liked
> > WCBS
> > better.)
> WINS does gangbusters in 'cume....But WCBS has more features (and a
> higher TSL) than WINS.  (WINS still just does news....right?  no
> features?)
> And sometimes that provides for a different 'sellign point' than WINS
> can offer.  If you were "Eyeworld"....you might want your spot next to
> the "Medical Minute".  And you can charge a premium for it.
> If you are selling tickets for "Miss SIagon" you might want to be next
> to (or sponsor) the movie review..
> Insurance?  Next to the Christopher Glens's World Business Round-up....

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