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Today the Mass.Supreme Judicial Court ruled to uphold the Louise Woodward
sentence reduction that Judge Hiller Zobel imposed several months ago.As
soon as I heard about it,I checked out WBZ(If it's happening now,you're
hearing it now)and WRKO(The Talk Station)to see how both were covering this
major story.This was about 10:05 when I turned the radio on.WBZ had
interviews with several lawyers,legal analysts,and reporters in the field
with info.WRKO was not talking about it,in fact,Not An M.D.(but a Dr. of
something non-medical)Laura was discussing some poor guy's problems with
his sex life.In WRKO's glory days of talk,I'm sure they would have brought
in a local host and opened up the phones to reaction from
listeners.Although I don't listen to him,I'm sure it's safe to say that
Howie Carr did not lead us in discussion of this verdict.I guess we'll have
to wait for David Brudnoy to hopefully do that this evening.So I give WBZ
the A for effort today.Of course, the verdict was announced during the day
on a weekday,when the newsroom is fully staffed,not on a weekend.If only
the record rains came on a Tuesday........                                 
                                  Mark Watson