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Re: Bruins

Dib9@aol.com wrote:

> I stand my earlier statement that basketball is more popular than hockey in
> Maine.  Attendance at high schools basketball games is much greater than
> hockey games and TV ratings also show basketball is stronger.  (Personally, I
> prefer baseball and football.)  Despite the cold climate, there is not much of
> a hockey tradition in the state.  Most high schools did not add hockey
> programs until the 1970's and 1980's, the Maine Mariners did not come along
> until the late 1970's, and the University of Maine did not have a hockey team
> untill the late 1970's.  There were also very few indoor rinks in Maine until
> recent years.  Basketball, on the other hand, has a long tradition at the high
> school and college levels.  In recent years, the University of Maine Women's
> Basketball team has actually surpased the Men's Hockey Team in popularity.

I give to a Mainer. (Is that the proper term?) Of course, the preference for
hockey in Maine was argued years ago.... in a Mariners' press release. Not exactly
unbiased. :)

> Do you know who replaced Mike Emerick as play by play man of the Maine
> Mariners?  Dale Arnold.  Dale had the job for several years before moving on
> to the New Jersey Devils.  Dale graduated from the same high school that I
> did, Mt. Ararat School in Topsham, Maine, though Dale graduated about 12 years
> before I did.

Arnold's good indeed, though I suspect Emerick's paycheck is bigger. :)

Most famous graduate of my high school (Xaverian High School, Brooklyn, NY)? Chris
Mullin of the NBA -- a year or two behind me. Mullin makes more than Arnold or
Emerick, I'm sure. :)

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