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Re: WMTW-TV Moving tower

     It would not be wise to sacrifice a superpower VHF allotment on
Mount Washington for a weaker HDTV signal that will preclude over 60%
of the coverage that they now enjoy.  If I were WMTW, I would put on a
UHF HDTV facility to cover the Portland market on the WCSH/6 tower,
until the switchover is complete and then eventually go HDTV on
Channel 8 from Mount Washington.  Going digital simply would require a
new exciter for the existing transmitter that could be installed very
easily.  Aren't the UHF HDTV facilities a stop-gap, anyway ?   

     Hey, I'm in radio anyway. :)

- -Pete-
Peter Q. George (N1GGP)
33 Stetson Street, Apt. 2
Whitman, Massachusetts 02382

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